Students who are already in Thailand

Please check with the school to determine eligibility before applying. All information below is subject to change without prior notice, so always contact the school first before submitting your documents.
1. Download our Application Form here.
2. Applicants need to pay the full fees upon enrollment.
3. Applicants must have at least one month remaining on their existing visa on the day of enrollment.
4. Once we receive all documents, the school will submit the application to the Ministry of Education (MOE). We will then wait for the MOE to issue the applicant’s visa letter, which typically takes around 3-4 weeks.
5. When the school receives the letter, we will schedule the applicant for a visa application at Chaengwattana Immigration Office. We will submit all the documents to the Immigration Officer, and the applicant will receive the visa stamp 15 days after the application day. The Immigration Office will not retain the applicant’s passport during the 15-day waiting period.
6. Upon receiving the ED visa stamp, the student is responsible for submitting their passport to the school as soon as possible.
7. The school will provide the class schedule, and the student must attend classes accordingly to maintain the validity of the visa.
8. The school will inform the student about visa extensions, and the student must come to school to collect the necessary documents on the agreed-upon date and time.
9. Processing time typically ranges from 45 to 60 days, depending on how quickly we can obtain your visa letters.
Please ensure to follow these guidelines and contact the school for any updates or changes.


Students who are already in Thailand

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