Students who are already in Thailand


Please check with the school who are eligible to apply. All information below are subject to change without prior notice so always contact the school first before submitting your documents.

1. Download Application forms here.

2. Applicant needs to pay full Tuition and all other fees.

3. Applicant needs to have at least one month remaining on their existing visa. Completed forms should be sent to school with 4 signed copies of every used page of the applicant’s passport, together with 12 ID photos (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm) white background. Please use BLUE PEN in signing or filling out the forms.

4. Upon receipt of all documents, the school will submit the application to the Ministry of Education (MOE) and obtain the acceptance letter which is used as a part of the Non-Immigrant visa application. The student will have to wait more or less 3-4 weeks for this letter.

5. Once the school receives the letter, the student is required to leave Thailand to apply for an ED Visa. The Thai Embassy in Vientiane City in Laos is most commonly used.

6. Upon entering Thailand, the student will initially have a 90-day Non- Immigrant ED Visa. The student has the responsibility to submit their passsports and departure cards to school within 48 hours upon arrival in Thailand.

7. Three weeks before the first 90-day ED Visa expires, the student MUST inform the school when they would like to extend their visas so they can prepare the necessary extension documents. The Thai Immigration allows students to extend at least a month before their visa expiration. Please coordinate with the school.

8. The student visa should be extended for a certain period to cover the entire duration of the study.

A Visa Fee of 2,000 Thai Baht and A Visa Extension Fee of 1,900 Thai Baht per time

Remarks – Visa processing will take a minimum of 2-3 working days, and Thai Embassies and Consulates are open Monday-Friday, and closed during holidays.


Students who are already in Thailand

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