Thai ED Visa from Yangon Myanmar

My name is William, a Cameroonian by nationality, residing in Bangkok – Thailand and a student at Sandee Thai Language School – Rama 9, Bangkok – Thailand.

I wish to share my experience with prospective or future students who wish to stay in Thailand for a long time without visa runs and who also wish to study Thai language so as to ease communication, please try to enroll at Sandee Thai Language School and get your things done in a sec.

The answers to the questionnaire below will explain to you how I got my ED Visa with the aid from Sandee Thai Language School.

1.) What made you choose ED-Visa? How did you learn about ED-Visa? How did you hear about the school?

I decided to choose ED Visa because, I wish to stay in Thailand for a long time and also thought to reduce the stress or hassle of flying in-and-out of Thailand just to apply for a Tourist Visa. I hear about ED Visa from most expatriates living in Bangkok for a longtime. I came to know about Sandee Thai Language School from the internet, as I was browsing checking on a good and convenient Thai Language Schools in Bangkok and whole of Thailand.

2.) Why did you buy the course? Why did you choose to study Thai Language Course in Sandee?

I decided to buy course because, I wanted to study Thai language so as to ease communication since I wish to stay in Thailand for a long time. I choose to study in Sandee Thai Language School because firstly it’s a well registered school, besides the fees are less expensive and affordable as compared to other schools. They have qualified staffs and the school is situated at the centre of Bangkok, which is also accessible by MRT, taxis, motorbikes, buses etc.

3.) What were the processes you went through? Did you call the school? Did you go straight to the school and inquire?

After I got the School from the Internet, I called the school and arranged for an appointment. Later I went to the school and did my inquiries and I was given full details on the process on how to enroll there and I think it was easy because, they will direct you in all the processes making it less stressful to you, thanks to the industrious staffs.
4.) What were the documents and requirements you needed to prepare?

The school asked me to submit 12 passport size photographs, copies of every page of my passport, copies of my certificates or diplomas and also copies of my health book and criminal record for the application for a letter of acceptance from the Ministry of Education, which will enable me to study in Thailand.

5.) How many weeks did you wait for the letter to be released by the Ministry of Education?

Normally for the letter to be released from the Ministry of Education, it usually takes 2 to 4 weeks like I think. But mine took just approximately 3 weeks and it was released by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

6.) What were the documents that Sandee Thai Language School prepared for you? Did it help your application for ED-Visa? If yes, did it really serve its purpose?

The other supporting documents that Sandee Thai Language School prepared for me were a letter from the school addressed to the embassy I went to, copies of School Documents. To the best of my knowledge they were documents that prove that the school is legal and registered in Thailand. They gave me every paper that I needed for this visa application. To the best of my knowledge their paper work played like 100% in the obtaining of my Non ED visa, because without such backing from the school, there is no way one can get a Non ED visa from any Thai embassy or consulate. So I can say the documents from the school serve the purpose that it was issued for.

7.) Why did you choose to go to Thai Embassy in Myanmar instead of going somewhere else? Anything else you prepared like personal documents before you went there? Did you call them and/or visited their website to check what other documents you need to bring? If yes, what were the documents you brought aside from the letter from the MOE, letter from the School and Other School Documents?

I choose to go to Thai Embassy in Myanmar because I got a visa from there before and the staffs at the embassy are very good and understanding. Besides the Acceptance letter from the Ministry of Education, the paperwork from Sandee Thai Language School, a hotel reservation and a flight ticket there was nothing more. The school did the inquiries from the Royal Thai Embassy website and everything was ok.

8.) Did you need to fill up any Visa Application Forms? If yes, where did you find it? Did you download the Visa Application Form from the Embassy’s website? Or the Embassy will provide when you get there?

Yes, I filled the Visa Application form. The visa application form was given to me by my school, Sandee Thai Language School. They did the checking with the embassy and printed the form and handed it to me. I did not need to bother to check the embassy websites or go there to the embassy to get the form, thanks to Sandee Thai Language School; I got the form and fill it before leaving for Yangon, Myanmar.

9.) Did you check on the Embassy’s website if they are closed on the days you are going to visit? If it’s a Myanmar Holiday or Thai Holiday?

Yes, I checked but there were no holidays both in Thailand and Myanmar on the date that I wanted to go there.

10.) How did you get to Myanmar? Did you take the bus or plane? What did you go through from Bangkok to Myanmar? How was the bus ride? How much? How many hours?

I got to Myanmar by air as it was not possible to travel by land and cross the land border. I took a flight from Myanmar Airways (MAIAIR). Nothing much that I went through from Bangkok – Yangon Myanmar. The ticket, round trip cost me like 7480 Thai Baht approximately 235 USD. The flight was cool and it took us like 1 hour 15 – 20 minutes from Bangkok – Yangon, Myanmar.

11.) How many days did you have to stay in Myanmar? How much was the accommodation? Were food sold on reasonable prices?

The Royal Thai Embassy usually takes 3 working days to process and issue a visa. So I had to spend 4 days for the application and collection of the passport and visa from the embassy. I stayed at Hotel Halpin; it’s just about 3 to 5mins walk to the royal Thai embassy in Yangon. No need to pay extra money for taxis etc. the accommodation ranges from $30 for a standard room, $35 for a deluxe room and $45 for a junior suite. So I took the deluxe room since I was sharing with a friend, its cost us just $35 per night. Food are sold at a reasonable price and there also have as many Thai restaurants there, so you just feel like in Thailand

12.) Did you encounter any problems from the border of Thailand-Myanmar (if you took the bus)? Or at the airport (if you took the plane)? And going back to Thailand?

I did not encounter any problem when going to Yangon or returning to Thailand.

13.) In the embassy, what time did they open? What time do they close? Did they ask you questions? If yes, what were they? Did you encounter any problem? How long did it take until you submitted your application to the Consulate? How long did you wait for your queue? How much did they charge you for the Visa?

The Royal Thai embassy usually opens at 9am with normal break time from 12.30pm – 1.30pm and closes at 5pm. When I submitted my documents, the only question I was asked was for my health book, which we normally call, Yellow Book, since we do come from the Malaria infested region and also they asked me to submit all documents both the photocopies and the originals for crosschecking. I did not enter into any problem there at the Royal Thai Embassy in Yangon. It took me just about 10 to 15 minutes to submit my documents to the embassy, since they are well organized there. After the submitting of the documents, I was given an appointment to come after two working days to see if the visa will be granted or not. Within these days, the embassy will need to check with my school, Sandee Thai Language School to confirm that I am one of their students. After the confirmation with my school, the visa was issued to me on the 3rd working day. The visa fee normally for a NON ED or NON B usually cost $80.

14.) In collecting the Passport and Visa, did you have any problems? Did they ask you more questions? How many days until you were able to finally collect your Passport and Visa?

The passport and visa collection was without any problem. No more questions from the embassy since they already check my status with the school, Sandee Thai language School. Normally visa processing in any Royal Thai Embassy takes 3 working days if the documents are genuine. So I took my passport on the 3rd day and return to Bangkok same day. Thanks to the Sandee Thai Language School that do the paperwork for me and also to The Royal Thai Embassy in Yangon and not forgetting Myanmar Airways and Hotel Halpin (near Thai Embassy in Yangon).