Thai ED Visa from Singapore

My purpose of taking ED-Visa was because I would like to learn Thai language in advance since I believe that learning language goes better when you stay in the speaking country. I learnt from a friend that there’s a school that provide a flexible Thai language course as well as ED Visa in supporting the students to learn the culture through chance of staying at least a year in Thailand.

Learning language always interests me, so when I knew I had the chance I just went straight browsing. I had gone through some observation on the Internet and Sandee gives the best price as well as good location. When first I contacted them also, they gave their best advice for me on what to do before processing, and never got tired from questions I asked in order to complete the process of Visa systematically.

Firstly I contacted them via-mobile phone and followed up by e-mail in order to understand all the requirements I had to prepare before going to school and apply. This was the most important because you shouldn’t miss any documents so you wouldn’t have to spend longer time going only for a document. After preparing all the documents needed, I went straight to school and apply with the payment.
The documents I needed to have are; (because I graduated from an International University in Thailand) Letter of graduation from the university, 8 copies of passport (including blank pages and sign each page with blue pen), 12 copies of photos 3X4 cm with white background. And after, I waited about 3 weeks to get the letter released by the Ministry of Education.

With the letter released by the Ministry of Education, Sandee also prepared the documents for my visa application. They were basically about the school profile with its detail, teachers’ profile, etc. It helped me obviously because getting visa with complete documents make it easier and faster.
I chose Thai Embassy in Singapore because I wanted to visit my Singaporean friend. Though it’s a bit expensive, for people who love efficiency in transportation, Singapore has it. And, Singapore is a safe city compare to other nearest countries. I called the embassy from the number I googled on the website at first, and asked the requirements they need. Basically, the documents I brought were the ones Sandee asked me to bring, plus a bank statement with certain amount of money in the bank, which wasn’t actually used, but I brought it in case they asked.

For the visa application form you could easily download it from the website or it could be found at the embassy. Don’t forget to check the public holiday in the country you’re visiting. I did it before visiting Singapore, as well as checking Thai public holiday because it could be a problem if you stay only for a day or two. Checking on the website of the embassy may not be enough, re-checking is advised.
Staying 5 days without accommodation fee, I spent almost U$200 for foods and transportation. It took me around 2 hours by plane to go to Singapore. You are advised to take airasia or jetstar to minimize the spending. Foods price are a bit expensive, but you can still find reasonable price for the street foods and junks.
Basically I didn’t have any problems going to Singapore, but going back to Bangkok because the airline I took had a system problem that changed my flight to be a day before my actual flight, but this wasn’t too serious.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Singapore opens at 09.15 am – 11.30 am for visa submission service, and passport collection 02.00 pm – 03.00 pm. They simply didn’t ask me anything, and I basically waited for 10 minutes since I arrived on the time they opened. I took not more than 2 minutes to submit the documents and the payment process that took 100 SD. The process of making the visa is actually only one single day, but in case you should spare 2-3days and enjoy the time for traveling.
I didn’t get any problems when collecting the passport, and it took me not more than 5 minutes queuing and not more than 40 seconds to get the passport without questioned from the officer.

Good luck!
Amanda – Cirebon, Indonesia