Thai ED Visa from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Getting a Non-Immigrant Ed Visa in Thai Royal Embassy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is simple and easy, as long as you have your complete documents/requirements, then the process will be incredibly convenient.

I am writing this article about my personal experience and some problems that I encountered during my visa process, I hope that these would help the new students of Sandee Thai Language School.

Two months ago, I went to Malaysia because it is where one of the nearest Thai Embassies is located, and I thought that it will be a hassle free.

My documents from Sandee School are all complete, but the consulate still asked for supplementary requirements. The visa results would really depend on the officers’ discretion, sometimes they can without a doubt approve the visa, and will not ask for lot of things, or they will require you to bring more and more documents. This procedure for me is just standard, because they have to make sure that your purpose and reason of stay in Thailand is genuine.

During that time, I felt a bit grumpy and petulant because of my situation, I did not expect to have my visa will be denied nor delayed. Also, it is very impossible for me to produce a document that same day and I am as well running after my scheduled flight the following day. I just decided to apply for a temporary tourist visa, the Embassy grant me a 60-day single entry type which I know will be enough to fix everything and to change to an Ed Visa.

I went back to Bangkok Thailand and reported to Sandee Language School about the things happened in KL. The school helped me and they made sure that the next time that I will go to Malaysia, everything will be successfully done.

And last week, just before my existing visa expires, I went to Kuala Lumpur to personally apply for my Ed visa, I booked a hotel near Jalan Ampang, to where the Embassy is located and it only took me less than 15 minutes by taxi. And yes, choosing a hotel is very important; anyone should make sure that the hotel is in KL Central or somewhere near the area to avoid traffic and hassle.

About 5 minutes before 9:30, the gate opened and I lined up in the queue, an officer asked for my passport and wrote my name and passport number on a log sheet, I signed on it and then he gave me an application form.

After receiving the form, I immediately went to the open door where the number tag machine is located and I got my ticket. And while waiting for my number to be displayed and called, I filled out the form and prepare my documents.

There are two open windows in the Embassy for visa application; the other windows are for passport and other enquiries.

And so my turn came and I was assigned to go to window number 3, I submitted my documents and the officer scanned all the papers and all of its details twice, after which, he confirmed that everything is correct and then he asked for the visa fee.

I paid MYR220 Malaysian ringgit (USD72); he gave a receipt indicating the time that I needed to come back the following day to collect my visa.

Please keep that confirmation paper along with the number stapled on it, you will have to present it before they will give you your passport.

The following day, I arrived in the Embassy 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time, there were few foreigners also waiting for the gate to be opened. And at exactly 2:30 in the afternoon, the queue for visa collection has started to line up.

No need to get a ticket on the number machine, just directly go to the open window and present the receipt, and the process of handling out the passport with Ed Visa will only take about 20 to 30 minutes.

I double checked the details on my passport, and yes, I was finally granted a 90-day Non Immigrant Ed Visa.

I went back to Thailand, and Sandee Language School is now preparing for my visa extension documents. There’s no need for me to go outside Thailand to do the extension….Mary