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Ready to have a 1 year Ed Visa today?

Learning Thai language from Sandee Thai Language School, fully-licensed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and getting an Ed Visa for 1 year up to 3 years is the best way to stay in Thailand without worrying about the visa runs. Aside from experiencing the exceptional beauty of the country, you’ll also get the chance to learn its culture and use its language for your living advantages.

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Ed Visa, Kuala Lumpur

Getting a Non-Immigrant Ed Visa in Thai Royal Embassy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is simple and easy, as long as you have your complete documents and requirements, then the process will be incredibly convenient.

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Police Clearance Check

There are some nationalities that need to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate before proceeding with the next steps of the application.

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Thai ED Visa, Myanmar

I wish to share my experience with prospective or future students who wish to stay in Thailand for a long time without visa runs and who also wish to study Thai language

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Hi Everyone! Guess what? I received a Course Fee Discount from my Thai Language Course from Sandee School. I simply filled-up the Discount Coupon Form on Sandee’s website. You can see the Discount Coupon Section almost everywhere on the website. Just fill the form and you will receive a Discount Coupon Code. I guarantee you that this is not a spam or a scam as I’ve tried it myself and it worked! Hurry now before the discounts run out. See you in class soon! Cheers!

Good News from Pattaya

Hello My Friends. I’m Prof. Hans Von Puppet . Good news from Pattaya! We are opening a new Sandee Thai Language School branch in Pattaya. The new premises is located in a prime location north of Pattaya. You will see Sandee Pattaya branch opposite of Pattaya City Hall a and a half minute walk from TESCO LOTUS    which provides plenty of car parking space. We have 2 new vibrant, fully-air-conditioned classrooms and free internet access. We expect it to launch just before the New Year January 2013. We also offer a pre-booking discount. We will make you an offer that you can’t refuse. Don’t wait too long. Apply today. This promotion will end 15 December 2012. Call us today our staff will take care of you. No more Visa runs. So just sit, relax and enjoy your life while you’re in Pattaya.