Students who are outside Thailand

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1. Download Application forms here.

2. Student are required to make a full payment of Tuition fee and courier fee.

3. Completed forms should be sent to the school with a photocopy of every page of the applicant’s passport, together with 8 ID photos (3cms x 4cms). All documents should be mailed to the school’s address shown below:

Sandee Thai Language School
Address: 21/34, B Block, 2nd FL, R.C.A., Rama 9 Road, Bangkapi, Huaykwang, Bangkok, 10320, Thailand

4. Once we received the files, then we can process the letter from the Ministry of Education.

5. When letter has been obtained, the school will immediately send it to student via DHL or FedEx.

This letter is the document that you need to present in the nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate to get a Non- Immigrant ED visa.

6. Once Visa has been obtained, the student is then permitted to enter Thailand to commence study at Sandee Language School.

7. Once the student is already in Thailand, Sandee will prepare a document of confirmation which certifies the student is enrolled and which gives details of the course and its duration.

8. This letter must be presented to Thai Immigration to extend the visa covering the entire duration of the course.

– VISA EXTENSION FEE will be THB 1,900

9. After one year students are eligible to extend their period of study at the school. If they choose to do this, the school will prepare the required documents and there is no requirement for them to leave Thailand during this process.