Police Clearance Check

List of Nationalities that need to get a Police Clearance Certificate from the Royal Thai Police Headquarters

Middle East

1. Bahrain2. Egypt3. Iran
4. Turkey5. Iraq6. Israel
7. Jordan8. Kuwait9. Lebanon
10. Oman11. Qatar12. Saudi Arabia
13. Syria14. UAE15. Yemen
16. Palestine17. Algeria18. Libya
19. Morocco20. Tunisia21. Sudan
22. Mauritania23. Somalia24. Cyprus
25. Afghanistan26. Pakestan


1. Ghana2. Gabon3. Guinea
4. Guinea – Bissau5. Gambia6. Cote d’Ivoire
7. Comoros8. Kenya9. Cape Verde
10. Cameroon11. Djibouti12. chard
13. Zimbabwe14. Sudan15. Southern Sudan
16. Seychelles17. Senegal18. São Tomé and Príncipe
19. Sierra Leone20. Zambia21. Somalia
22. Tunisia23. Togo24. Tanzania
25. Namibia26. Nigeria27. Niger
28. Botswana29. Mali30. Burundi
31. Burkina Faso32. Benin33. Mauritius
34. Mauritania35. Madagascar36. Malawi
37. Mozambique38. Morocco39. Uganda
40. Rwanda41. Libya42. Lesotho
43. Liberia44. Swaziland45. Republic of Congo
46. Congo47. Eric Trier48. Guinea Ecuatorial
49. Egypt50. Ethiopia51. Central African Republic
52. Angola53. South Africa54. Algeria


If your nationality is one mentioned above, please follow these steps:
1. When you apply to Sandee Thai Language School, the school will issue a letter which you need to bring to the Royal Thai Police Headquarters to obtain the Police Clearance Certificate.
2. Make a copy of every page of your passport and sign every page with blue pen.
3. Once you’re in the building, ask where the Clearance Office is.
4. You will be asked to:

4.1 Fill out a form
4.2 Bring your Original Passport
4.3 Submit a copy of your passport
4.4 Take your picture
4.5 Take your fingerprints
4.6 Pay 100 Baht

5. Police Clearance Certificate will be released within 10 working days.