Thai Language Courses

Sandee Language School offers 3 levels of Thai Language Course

Level 1
First Level ED Visa
Elementary Level
Phonetics and Pronunciation
(Vowels and Consonants)
This level focuses on the basics of learning Thai Language. Students will be able to familiarize with the sounds and tones being used.
Level 2
Second Level ED Visa
Intermediate Level
Comprehension and Sentence Structure
This level focuses on Understanding Thai language and be able to analyze the formation of words in Thai sentences.
Level 3
Third Level ED Visa
Advance Level
This level focuses on Using Thai Language with the correct enunciation and accurate understanding


Schedule of Classes

Thai Language Courses start any Monday of the Month.

Student needs to attend 4 lessons every week, the duration of each period is 60 minutes.

Student needs to attend a total of 4-hour class every week from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Our school is open from Monday to Saturday.